Pharmaceutical labels from the market leader in Vienna

Since Ulrich Etiketten is a company that is very quality-oriented, it has also been able to build a huge client base in the demanding pharmaceutical industry. Correct texts and completion, but also the maintenance of the final label versions and the prevention of the label mix-up, play a crucial role here. Therefore, the most essential issue is the fulfillment of the defined workflows, which are determined by the ISO 9001 norm, and which are, moreover, oriented on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Highest level of quality management

On our modern production lines, the code (e.g. Weber code) is read electronically and with the use of cameras. Besides that, each label is checked for text completeness. This additionally increases the security regarding the printing failure and label mix-up. Furthermore, our quality and release management includes an automatic PDF-comparing in the print approval process, inline camera inspection in the printing and cutting machine, but also a final conformity inspection.

The Pharma-2D-Code

The pharmaceutical 2D barcoding enables storage of extensive information by using very little space. This tiny matrix code saves a large quantity of data on a very tightly dimensioned surface of pharmaceutical labels – this space is distinctly smaller than the one on the more common barcode. 

Yearlong experience in the pharmaceutical field increases our quality awareness – place your trust in our competence and contact our team!