Multi-label: multi-layer labels at Ulrich Etiketten in Vienna

A multi-label (also called twin-label, peel & reseal, or peel & read label) consists of at least two superimposed layers. The upper coat is partly removed with a peel tab, which exposes the text or the message on the lower layer. This coat can be opened and closed several times. Upon request, we can also produce labels with a scratch field and/or serialisation (numbering, sequential barcodes, etc.).

The advantage of a multi-label is that bigger text amounts (e.g. sweepstakes, instruction leaflets or product descriptions) can be placed in different languages on the product itself, by not using too much space.

Special multi-labels: dry peel and scented labels

Dry peel labels are multi-labels, on which the upper coat or a stamped part is not sticky after it has been peeled off – so it can be used as a non-rubber label, i.e. card, tab or insert. A special polish is placed on the subsurface, which completely neutralises the glue of the upper material in that area.

For example, a multi-label can be used as an olfactory sales support for cosmetical products, when used in combination with a fragrance. These labels can be also used for food products, where the scent is applied to increase the urge to buy a product – in case of the multi-layer label, a sweepstake can be hidden in it too.

Multi-Label Etiketten bie Ulrich Etiketten in Wien

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