Ulrich Recycling-Service

Recycling ist bei Ulrich Etiketten ein großes Thema

Sustainable label production in Vienna

Today the considerate and responsible use of resources and environment friendly production are more important than ever. With the Ulrich Recycling Service we have managed to make a big step forward in environment protection and sustainability – and thereby creating a win-win situation for environment and customers.

Relief for our clients – relief for our environment

Together with our recycling-partner cycle4green we have found a way to minimize the disposal cost for our clients and at the same time reduce the environmental pollution through labelling waste. There are substrates that remain as waste after the labels are pulled off, and which may not be disposed as paper because of their silicon layer – as of certain amount, we can collect these free-of-charge in order to recycle them by using a special process. Thus this waste becomes a valuable raw material, which again can be used for the production of labels!

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